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crazy hair day ideas for kids 00

Crazy Hair Day

It’s crazy hair day! One day this week (your teacher will tell you when) we invite all our staff and students to participate in crazy hair day at their class meeting!  We will share some of the great pics we gather next week with you!

Grade 6 Immunizations

If schools do not re-open this year, final grade 6 immunizations will move to the fall.

Student Supplies

As it now seems unlikely that schools will be fully in session before the fall, we are going to start a process to return student supplies. In order to return items, while still maintaining social distancing, we will be setting up a one hour pickup window for each division in the coming weeks. It is important you send a family representative to pick up during this window of time. We will set up items in our drop off lane by last name in alphabetical order (“A” closest to the playground) and our ask will be that you drive up and send one person out of your vehicle to retrieve goods. We will do our best to identify items belonging to your child although some classes have grouped supplies making it a bit more challenging.

We will also have a bin set up for returning library and textbooks (if not needed for current school work).

Mrs. C., one of our Educational Assistants, working from home with a student.

Erica, Rebecca and Julie along with a fun-loving neighbour thanking all our health care workers.

Coming up next week: April 27-May 1


Kindergarten Registrations

A reminder that if you have a child who will be attending Kindergarten in September, please register now (even if you have a child who already attends Coyote Creek). Please register at


Friday, May 1st- Pro-D Day

On Friday, May 1st teachers and support staff will be engaged in professional development activities.

Activity Share

Students continue to be actively engaged in their studies at Coyote Creek.

Students in our grade 5/6 class have been working on presentations of how Canadians can reduce their household plastic consumption. You can check out two of their presentations here:

For earth day, students in grade one were challenged to create something new from an item they could find in their recycling bin. Look at their creative results!

MicrosoftTeams-image (6).png

Jaiveer created this incredible work of art this past week. Kindergarten students were asked to create their own art in their backyard inspired by the work of Andrew Goldsworthy. He is a British artist artist that takes natural items and create works of art by using, colour patterns, and shapes found in nature.

Zakaria shared his thoughts on being at home.

madina poster gr. 2:3

A beautiful poster thanking our front line workers by grade 3 student, Madina.

This week Division 1 participated in a Spreading Positivity assignment. They needed to research a creative way they could spread a positive message within their community. What creative ways they came up with to give back to the community!

Some of our grade 2 students researched their favourite animal. They used Epic books and YouTube videos to learn about their animal and then created a poster.


Coming up next week: April 20-24

Unknown-4Dear families,

We hope you are all in good health and spirits during this complex time. Our teachers have connected with their students and learning continues.

We know that each family is managing this time as best they can and that this may look different for each family. Our goal is to not add to any family’s stress, but to allow for students to continue learning as best they can. The staff recognize that you are doing the best you can to support your child’s learning with the additional stresses that may be in your home. If you get a call from someone at the school asking how your child is doing, it is not to make sure tasks are completed, it is to provide you with support and to find out what supports are most helpful for you and for them. If you child is having difficulty completing all the work assigned, please contact your classroom teacher to look for some adaptations. Be gentle with yourselves.

Authenticity of work:

We are so incredibly thankful of the continued partnership between teachers and parents in supporting continued learning opportunities for our students. Students are engaged in activities and assignments and are sharing their learning with their teacher and each other. As teachers continue to assess student work, it is also important that the work is their own. While we encourage students to ask their family for guidance and ask questions about their work, please allow them then to complete and submit work on their own (without further editing). Our students continued growth as learners are dependent on allowing them to make some mistakes and learn from them.

Digital Citizenship:

With the move to using various online platforms, we need to remind all students and parents about being good DIGITAL CITIZENS. Whether your child is using email, MS Teams, or other platforms, the expectation of communicating in a respectful manner still exists. We expect all our students to continue to interact and communicate as they would if they were in the classroom at school. Parents, please monitor and supervise when and how your child is working online and being appropriate. For privacy reasons, it is best to ensure you child is in a common room in the house when working online.


Welcome Baby Sloan!

We want to welcome baby Sloan to our community. Mrs. Mara, the smiling face who greets you in the office, welcomed Sloan Alexandra Mara to her family. Mom, baby and family are doing well!

Student and Classroom Shares: 

I would like to end our weekly sharing some of the wonderful things happening in virtual classrooms and homes. Enjoy!

Some of our grade 2 students had an assignment to create posters for essential service workers and displayed them in their windows. Here are some examples of their great work!

In one of our grade 6 classes students answered the question, “Why is it important to reach out to each other with a positive comment?” Here are some of their responses:

  • It is good to say nice thing to people because that would make them happy and grateful.
  • To help support each other in this difficult time in which so much is changing.
  • It is important because the students are all your classmates and they helped you in class, and teachers in your class help you learn things you don’t understand and answer the questions you don’t know.
  • I think that it’s important to reach out a positive and supportive message because this Coronavirus has brought some people to some rough times. It is very important to support and hold people up high and stand tall with others, and it is also important to recognize that it is important to spend some quality time with your family while you have the chance in this pandemic.
  • Its important to reach out and give a positive comment because it makes the person feel more confident and good about themselves. Their day might just become better because of your wonderful message.
  • It will make someones day if there happy or even sad. Someone might be having a bad day but you changed that.

And above all else, be like Arjan!


Coming up next week: April 13-17


Dear parents and students:

One of the things that stands out in our building right now is the quiet. Our halls are usually full of sound: laughter, learning, song and dance. With all of our staff working from home (other than admin. one clerk and a custodian) this is a very empty space.

We miss all of our students very much and hope we can soon fill these halls and classrooms again.

While the halls are quiet, the learning continues. All of our teachers have been busy creating experiences and connecting with their students. We are also now looking at other layers of support. Our counsellor is reaching out to students and families, our Child Care worker is connecting with her kids, and our Learning Resource teachers are finding creative ways to continue their programming.

While the focus of our academics will continue to be in the areas of literacy and numeracy, our teachers in library, music, band and french are looking at ways to bring additional learning opportunities to their students.

A reminder to families that home learning will look different for each and every class. Each teacher has preferred digital tools and also different levels of experience. Please be patient with us, as this is a steep learning curve for many.


If you paid for a field trip, we will be processing refunds over the coming months. If you paid online, your payment will be refunded in the form you paid online through the SchoolCashOnline system. You will receive an email notification.

If you paid by cash or cheque, you will be refunded by cheque in the mail. Please be sure we have your current mailing address. If it has changed, please email

School Supplies:

Currently we are not in the process of returning supplies. We do not yet know the timeline of our closure. If however, there are items that are absolutely essential (example: medication) to have that have been left at school, please contact us at

In the meantime, we will keep all your belongings safe. If schools were to close for the remainder of the year, we will look at a process to return all of your belongings.

For a little good news, Premier, John Horgan provided a special authorization to the Easter Bunny as essential service. I’m sure our students were relieved this morning. Happy Easter everyone!easter.jpeg

Coming up this week: April 6-10

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 10.26.32 AM

This week, teachers will continue the work of connecting with students and families, sharing communication plans and will start providing learning opportunities in literacy and numeracy. Our Music, Library, French and Band teachers are hard at work developing learning experiences as well.

In addition, we are continuing to look at ways to support our students who receive additional supports through LST, counselling, aboriginal services and work with our childcare worker.

You can help us provide services by:

Please send the following information to as soon as possible so we can have our teachers connect with you:

  1. Your child’s name
  2. Teacher
  3. Parent Name and Contact Email
  4. Best phone number to reach parent
  5. Student phone number (if applicable)

• Complete our survey on technology availability in your home at m0CBOBDUK6B1L31N-KzTpUM5bolYZIsSvZQFTWW_RUQTQ1R1g0UkhNSlpNRTVZM1NBUFhJNkhKNy4u

• Be sure to add your email to our email distribution list to stay up to date on all of our communications at

and “follow” this blog.

Our entire team is working creatively to come up with ways to continue to connect with our students. It will take some time, but we are confident we will get there! We miss all of our students very much, and are thinking of all our families during this difficult time.

Important Letter re: March 30-April 3

Dear Parents and Students,

As Spring Break comes to an end, we wanted to reach out and connect with you. We hope you are all well and taking good care of yourselves and your loved ones! Please know that we are thinking of you.

As you know… regular classroom instruction is suspended throughout British Columbia, and our school is closed to students, families and the public. Please do not visit the school at this time. The health and safety of our students, our staff and our communities are our top priority.

What you can expect during the week of March 30 – April 3:

• teachers will be establishing a communication plan with families and students

the district and school will continue to keep families informed of matters related to the COVID-19 response. Please visit our School website at and for additional information. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

How you can help?

• Please send the following information to as soon as possible so we can have our teachers connect with you:

  1. Your child’s name
  2. Teacher
  3.  Parent Name and Contact Email
  4. Best phone number to reach parent
  5. Student phone number (if applicable)

Take good care, and we look forward to connecting again in the coming days.

Jennifer Jock | Principal

January, February and March


As I sit with my family during this time of uncertainty, we spend our days trying to think of the positives and keeping ourselves busy as we practice social distancing. I hope all your families have made it home safe if abroad, and everyone is staying healthy.

While the School District is working with Government to create plans for our students for after Spring Break, I thought I would share some of our wonderful school memories from the past few months.


Welcome to Mrs. Keller! Mrs. Keller joined us in January as our new Vice Principal. Mrs. Keller is also teaching grade 6 with Mrs. Dempster. We are thrilled to have her join the Coyote Creek community!

Students K-7 had an opportunity to learn to play tennis. Thank you to our PAC for helping to support learning a new sport!

Students in grade 3/4 spent time exploring pyramids and building 3-D shapes.

Unknown 4

Students had some fun in the snow. It looks like Mrs. Edwards had some fun too!


Some students chose to dance inside instead of going out into the cold.


Friendship group is an opportunity to do something fun and make some new friends!

Student’s dressed as their favourite character for our January School Spirit Day!

Our boy’s and girl’s basketball teams had a solid season and learned some new skills. Congratulations teams!

Many of our classes had an opportunity to skate at the local recreation centre.


For many of our teachers, lunch is an opportunity for further learning. This group is learning how to use our new 3-D printer. Staff regularly meet over lunch to look at new resources, for professional book clubs, to learn new technology, to look at assessment practices, and the list of professional growth opportunities is forever growing.

Our learning commons is a busy hub of literacy and inquiry.

During our Primary assembly, students in grade 2 put on a play for us all to enjoy!

Nothing is more fun than creating art with marbles and paint!

Students in grade one learned how molecules behave as a solid, liquid and gas.

The B.C. Lions have teamed up with Fortis B.C. to educate students on energy conversation. Students enjoyed the high energy performance and a few even walked away with some autographs.

Thank you to our P.A.C. for their financial support in bringing Dufflebag Theatre to our school. Students had the opportunity to enjoy a very interactive production of Peter Pan.

Students in grade 3/4 exploring the Magnus effect and flying machines.


What a great way to celebrate Lunar New Year, by creating a dragon costume!

Students and staff wore pink on February 26th to recognize Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt day began in 2007 when two Nova Scotia senior high school students witnessed a grade 9 boy being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The next day, they bought 50 pink shirts and rallied together in pink, and Pink Shirt Day was born.


Some of our students worked with Mrs. Edwards on honing their cookie decorating skills.

Some of our grade 7 students made Egyptian cartouches. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, a cartouche was a vertical oval that contained the name of a Pharaoh. Our students made them with their own name.

Our grade 2 class was very excited to see the addition of aquatic frogs to their classroom.

100 day fun in grade 2!

Some of our grade 7 students held an Ancient Egypt fair, sharing what they learned. Part of the project criteria included making an artifact to share.

Maker Faire build day is a little bit of controlled chaos and a whole lot of creativity. Thank you the parents who were able to come in and help our littlest builders create.

Thank you to all our families who came out to see our Maker Faire creations. Our students are incredibly creative! The engagement of our students in their projects was wonderful to see. On the night before our presentation day, we had a student who stayed until 4:30 working on his project. He was absolutely determined to get it to work, and I am happy to say he was successful.


Coyote is very pleased to share that Annika has been selected as a short story winner in The Polar Expressions Publishing Company’s annual national writing contest. Her work will soon be published as a part of a collection. Congratulations Annika!


Our new wing is starting to take shape.

And lastly, a selection of the beautiful student created art that lines our halls.

We hope to see you all back soon at Coyote Creek. Our teachers and support staff will be working hard over the next weeks to create opportunities for continued learning even if from afar. Take care everyone!














Coming up next week: March 9-13

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 1.34.54 PM

Maker Faire:

Our first Maker Faire is this week. Students will be spending the week building their creations. We invite all parents and families in for our open house on Thursday from 1:30-2:00 p.m.


Blender and Food Processor:

If you have a blender or food processor that you are no longer in need of, we are looking for donations of them for our food program. Please contact Kaija Farstad our teacher librarian at if you have one to donate.


Our crossing guard Perky has injured her arm and will be away until she heals and is able to return. We are looking for parent volunteers who may be available for one or two crossing guard shifts a week temporarily. We have a morning shift that begins at 8:15 (for around 25 min) and and afternoon shift at 2:25 (for around 25 min). If you are able to help, please contact Mrs. Keller at

The local Crossing Guard association, Frontiersman is also looking for crossing guards. It is a commitment of two hours a day Mon-Fri from 8:00-9:00 am and 2:00-3:00 pm. Crossing guards become members of The Frontiersman of the Commonwealth and receive an expense donation of $27/day. It is a good position for a stay at home mom or dad, or a retired individual. If you are interested in becoming a crossing guard for a local surrey school ( or ours until Perky returns), please contact Len of the Frontiersman of the Commonwealth at (604)597-4787.

Coming Up Next Week:

Monday, March 9

  • Gr.5/6 badminton practice after school

Tuesday, March 10

  • Gr. 5/6 badminton practice before school
  • Gr. 5/6 Badminton Game after school

Wednesday, March 11

  • Gr. 7 badminton practice after school

Thursday, March 12

  • Gr. 7 badminton practice before school
  • Maker Faire- We invite all parents to join us to see student projects between 1:30-2:00.
  • Gr. 7 Badminton Game after school @ Woodland Park

Friday, March 13

  • Gr. 7 badminton practice after school
  • Last day before Spring Break