Coming Up January 24-28

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Hello Coyote Creek Families!

We have had another great week at Coyote Creek. Pickleball instruction has continued and students have enjoyed time back in class with their peers. Basketball season has also started. Thank you to Ms.McManes and Ms. Randhawa for coaching the boys team and to Ms. Farstad and Ms. Curtis-Gill for coaching the girls team. We are excited to end January with a treat day from our PAC and Kernels popcorn on January 28th (please see below for how to register). We wish all of our Coyote Creek families a restful and restorative weekend ahead!

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News from our PAC

We have a confirmed Kernels Popcorn Treat Day on Friday, January 28th.

Please see below for how to register your child to receive this delicious goody!


West Coast Weather

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Please remember as the weather constantly changes, we will have a “West Coast Recess and Lunch.”  Students need an active break from the classroom environment and will be expected to be outside at recess and lunch. Of course, consideration will be given to very heavy rain and extreme weather conditions. Please ensure that your child is prepared for the possibility of inclement weather and an outside recess and lunch. This means, students come to school wearing a proper jacket and proper footwear. Umbrellas and boots are always a great idea on those wet West Coast days. Students may also appreciate having an extra pair of dry clothes available at school.  

Parking Lot Safety

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We want to ensure the safety of our Coyote Creek families during busy times at arrival and dismissal. Please help us by:

  • Ensuring you use the crosswalk to cross 156th street (please avoid jaywalking across)
  • Using the parking spots available at the top of our parking lot to allow for easy drive through of our drop-off area
  • Keeping our parking lot spaces for staff only
  • Maintaining clear driveways for our neighbours
  • Dismounting bikes and scooters in the parking lot
  • Walking on the sidewalks and on pathways instead of through parked cars

Health and Safety Updates

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Changes to Self-Isolation Protocols

The BCCDC has published an update to the self-isolation protocols. Specifically, the following applies directly to school-aged children:

  • If you are under 18 years of age and not fully vaccinated (2 doses) and you test positive for COVID, you need to self-isolate at home for 5 days AND until you no longer have a fever and symptoms improve. You do not need to be retested for COVID after your symptoms end in order to return to normal activities.
  • If you are over 18 and not fully vaccinated and test positive for COVID the self-isolation period is 10 days.
  • If you are under 18 and fully vaccinated and test positive for COVID the self-isolation period is 5 days.
  • Close contacts no longer need to self-isolate but must self-monitor for symptoms
  • Even if testing is not recommended but you develop symptoms, you are to self-isolate.

Very importantly, please keep all children home who are sick.  We do have immunocompromised staff/students within our school community, so please continue to be diligent.  Thank you!

Kindergarten Registration

Please see the flyer below if you have a child born in 2017 and are looking to register your child for kindergarten in the 2022/2023 school year

Next Week

Monday, Jan. 24

  • Pickleball Continues
  • Boys Basketball Practice 2:30-3:30

Tuesday, Jan. 25

  • Girls Basketball Practice 2:30-3:30

Wednesday, Jan. 26

  • Boys Basketball Game 2:30-3:30

Thursday, Jan. 27

  • Girls Basketball Practice 2:30-3:30

Friday, Jan 28

  • PAC Treat Day – Kernels Popcorn
  • Boys Basketball Practice 2:30-3:30

Feb.1- Early Dismissal 1:30 – Goal Setting Focus

Feb.17-18- Kindergarten Dental Screen

February 21 – Family Day – No School

February 23 – Pink Shirt Day

February 25 – Non-instructional day – No School

March 14 – March 25 – Spring Break

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