Coming up next week: Dec.6-10

Connecting to Family: Ms.Paré’s Grade 2 & 3 students are learning about different ways that people can track their family history and tell the “story” of their family (ex. through family trees and totem poles). This week the students created their very own totem poles. They chose from various animal symbols that represent different personality traits for each one of their family members. All totem poles are different, unique and special – just like our families!

Out wonderful PAC is also offering a FREE treat of a candy cane and hot chocolate package to all students on December 15th. Families simply need to register on the Hot Lunch Site and put in their order for the FREE treat. Just go to to order.

As this time of year is about giving to others, we are once again hosting our annual food drive for the Surrey Food Bank. Non-perishable items can be sent to school with your child until the morning of Thursday, Dec.16.

As an added incentive, the primary and intermediate class who donate the most items, will receive $50 in board games to enjoy on those inside rainy days.

Thank you to our community in advance for your support! Coyote Creek has always been extremely generous in supporting others in need.

If you are the parent of a grade 7 student, we invite you to join us for a band concert. We have very limited space due to Covid-19 health restrictions so families will be able to sign up for one free ticket to attend. Starting on Monday, Dec. 6 at 9:00 am, parents can go to SchoolCashOnline to reserve their single ticket. On Friday, Dec.10 at 3:00 pm, we will release all extra tickets, first come, first served.

We have two concerts scheduled on Tuesday, Dec.14th.

12:30 Concert: 25 tickets available **We will need our guests to leave the gym immediately after the show from the outside gym doors as we have to prepare for our next show.

1:30 Concert: 50 tickets available.

We are all looking forward to begin able to see our band perform in person! Happy Holidays!

An important reminder that if your child is going to be away from school it needs to be reported to the office (not only the classroom teacher) either by phone at (604)597-0858 or email at Please leave your child’s full name, grade and division or teacher. Any absence not reported, will result in calls to yourself and/or your emergency contacts as we need to assure students’ safe arrival.

International Travel Rules & Restrictions:

As restrictions on non-essential travel begin to ease, it’s important for parents and students to be aware of requirements for international travel and rules regarding school attendance.

According to federal guidance, students who are not fully vaccinated cannot attend school for 14 days following their return, regardless of who they travel with or if they receive a negative PCR test result.

Monday, December 6

• Band Concert Tickets available on Schoolcashonline for grade 7 parents

Tuesday, December 7

• No events today

Wednesday, December 8

• No events today

Thursday, December 9

• No events today

Friday, December 10

Little Caesar’s Hot lunch Day

Dec.15- PAC Treat day

Dec.17- Last day of school before winter break- Pajama Day!

Monday, Jan.3 2022 is our first day back at school.

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