Coming up next week: September 27-October 1

Terry Fox Run: What a beautiful day in the neighbourhood for a school wide run. Our Terry Fox run was a great success today. Our staff and students ran for Terry and raised a great deal of money for the Terry Fox Foundation to help in their work to find a cure for cancer. Fundraising remains open until 10:00am on Monday.

Students in grade 3/4 were busy out on nature walks to gather supplies to make bug sculptures out of the things they found.

When I was a kid I would have loved being able to do my work on my desk top. That is exactly what our students are able to do in our new wing with their whiteboard covered table!

To welcome back all our students this year, we put up a large mural in the centre of our school. Every one of our staff members: teachers, office staff, and all support staff have a sheet of stickers that make up the mural. Students earn them through acts of kindness, positive interactions, and demonstrating perseverance in their work. As the mural begins to fill in, student make guesses on a ballot of what the mural is. The individual who makes the correct guess, will be rewarded with a special lunch with a staff member of their choice.

A reminder that Monday is a Pro-D Day. There is no school for students.

Monday, September 27

•Pro-D Day- no school

Tuesday, September 28

• No events today

Wednesday, September 29

• Orange Shirt Day

Thursday, September 30

• Truth and Reconciliation Day- no school

Friday, October 1

• No events today

Oct.5- School Photo Day

Oct.11- Thanksgiving Day- no school

Oct.12- School ADST Car Challenge Begins/FSAs begin for grade 4 and 7 students

Oct.22- Non-Instructional Day- No school for students

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