Welcome Back! What to Expect our First Day and Week

We are very excited to welcome back all our students and families for face to face instruction! Health and Safety will continue to be a priority in all we do but it will be wonderful to have the opportunity to have our students connect with each other in a more natural way.

While students will no longer be in a cohort, we will continue our hand washing procedures (a lot of it) and will be limiting outside visitors to the building. In order to continue to keep our students and staff safe the following procedures are still in place:

  • Masks: It is mandatory for all adults and students in grades 4-7 to wear masks in all indoor areas including the classroom. It is recommended all primary students wear a mask indoors.
  • Daily Health Check and Illness: All parents must complete a daily health check with their child. If your child is unwell they must stay at home.
  • Entry: Students will continue to enter and exit from their outside classroom door each day.
  • Visitors: Where possible, we are encouraging virtual or telephone meetings. We are limiting outside visitors and all are encouraged to call and make an appointment. All visitors will be required to:
    • enter through the front door (please call into the school for access),
    • wear a mask
    • sign in and provide contact information
    • wear a visitor sticker provided by the office
    • wash hands before proceeding
    • sign out and exit from front doors of the school
  • Lunches and supplies: Students will continue to need to bring everything they need to school with them. We will not be able to accept student supplies, band instruments, water bottles (fountains will be available) or lunches dropped off at the door.
  • Drop off and pick up routines: It is important that students are dropped off as close to the start of day as possible and picked up immediately after school, to reduce the number of students grouping on the school grounds. We encourage students walking to school as there is little street parking in the neighbourhood. Please do not park blocking bike lanes or driveways.

First Day Schedule: Tuesday, September 7th
Grade 1-7 students in attendance from 10:00-11:00am

• Students to be greeted at the following classrooms (Please see map below)

• All previous students will attend the classroom of their grade group identified on the map (this year’s grade).
• Newly registered students, please check in at the registration tent located at our front door.
Kindergarten Parent Information Session is in the gym. Please access from the outside door of the gym.

First Week Schedule: Wednesday, September 8th until students in permanent classes

Wednesday is a regular school day. Please see bell schedule below. Students will need to bring:

• the few supplies teachers requested on Tuesday (please do not send all supplies- Edupac orders will be distributed once students are in permanent classes
• snack and lunch

Students will return to the same classroom they were at on Tuesday and will both start and be dismissed from this room each day. Students will rotate to different teachers each day until permanent classes have been established.
New Kindergarten students have their own gradual entry schedules that was emailed to parents.

Bell schedule:
Classes start 8:30 (welcome bell 8:25)
Recess 10:10-10:25
Outside Lunch 11:45-12:07
Inside Lunch 12:07-12:30
School ends 2:30

Please also see our Superintendent’s message below:

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