Coming up next week: June 21-25

Our grade 7 class of 2021 celebrated with a Photo Booth and Drive-Thru event. It was wonderful to see all our families and staff who came out to celebrate each one of our students.

The Thank you Project:

Thank you all our parents and students for supporting our surprise “Thank you” project. We will be sharing all your wonderful messages with them on the last day of school.

This year we are offering something new. You can now order your child’s school supplies for next year directly through EduPac. The pricing is competitive, it saves you from looking for all those hard to find items, and your child’s package is delivered directly to school. 

Please see the EduPac order that was emailed to you. Students also took a notice home last week. Parents of grades 1-7 students can always choose to purchase these items themselves using the list provided. Kindergarten students do not pre-purchase supplies. There is a supply fee that will be collected in September. 

If you are interested in ordering through EduPac, the deadline is today, June 18th.

Summative Report Cards: All summative student reports will be posted on your child’s FreshGrade account on Thursday, June 24th.

Parking In the neighbourhood and student safety concerns:

A neighbour has reached out to us over concerns with the number of cars making U-Turns where 81st ave meets 156A St, even going up onto sidewalks to do so. If you reference the map below, if you turn left or right onto 156 A St, a short distance down the road there is a safe turn-around area/cul-de-sac. Please use these and help to keep our students safe.


Please be sure to return your library books this week. We have a drop off box OUTSIDE the front doors of the school between 8:00am and 3:00 pm each day or send them along with your child to return them directly to the library.

Math Challenge 11:

The results are in for for our final Math Challenge! Congratulations to ALL the mathletes that participated! Thank you to Ms. Joyce for all these weekly challenges!

There were 11 mathletes that mastered the challenge and submitted the correct solution for challenge #9 and 5 mathletes that mastered the challenge and submitted the correct solution for challenge #10.

Names were randomly drawn from all of the solutions that were submitted. The prize draw winners for week 9 were:

  • Ivan, Div.8
  • Amber, Div. 5
  • Bryan, Div.9
  • Shivan, Div.10
  • Jasmine, Div.6

Special Mention goes to the following students that participated in all of the challenges! They will all receive the “100% Complete” Math Challenge Button.

  1. Amber            Div. 5
  2. Inayat             Div. 5
  3. Rebecca          Div. 9
  4. Bryan              Div. 9
  5. Calvynn           Div. 10
  6. Alfred             Div. 10
  7. Emily              Div. 23

And finally, all of the solutions for Math Challenge 9, 10, and 11 were also entered into the monthly Lanyard Draw!

The winner of the Coyote Creek Math Challenge Lanyard Draw for the month of June is Ethan in Div. 6. Congratulations!

If you would like to try Challenge 11 at home, you can find the links below:

Monday, June 21

• No events today

Tuesday, June 22

• No events today

Wednesday, June 23

• No events today

Thursday, June 24

• Last day for students before summer vacation

Friday, June 25

• No events today

  • September 7- First Day of School

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