Coming up next week: April 12-16

Playgrounds Closed Before and After School:

In order to reduce the risk of community spread of COVID-19, our playgrounds are closed until further notice after school.

All students are to arrive just before school start time and leave school property immediately after school.

Thank you for your help with this. We work very hard all day to maintain students in cohorts, so it is key that this work is not being undone before and after school.

We understand how challenging these restrictions have all been. We are almost there. Stay safe everyone!

Dear Parents,

Coyote Creek is once again participating in fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart. We will be participating from April 12-16.  From now until the event, students can learn fun ways to get active for heart health while raising awareness and support for Heart & Stroke! Be part of the movement! A notice went home today with more information. All fundraising this year will be online.

By fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart, students are collecting donations that fund critical research that’s saving lives. Join Coyote Creek and help Heart & Stroke save lives by jump-starting your fundraising at

Our First Weekly Math Challenge:

The results are in for Math Challenge #1! There were many creative approaches and problem solving strategies in the solutions that were submitted. Congratulations to ALL the mathletes that participated!

Special mention goes to the following students who mastered the challenge and submitted a correct solution:

  • Alfred, Div.10
  • Inayat, Div. 5
  • Emily, Div.23
  • Winston, Div.1
  • Jasmine, Div.5
  • Amber, Div.5
  • Bryan, Div. 9
  • Rebecca, Div.9
  • Aaryaa. Div. 7
  • Harmon, Div.1

And now the prizes! Names were randomly drawn from all of the solutions that were submitted. The prize draw winners for this week’s challenge are:

  • Inayat, Div. 5
  • Ruben, Div.25
  • Emily, Div.23
  • Michelle, Div.1
  • Alfred, Div.10

If you would like to try out last week’s challenge, it is attached below.

Monday, April 12

• Jump Rope for Heart

Tuesday, April 13

• Jump Rope for Heart

Wednesday, April 14

• Jump Rope for Heart

Thursday, April 15

• Jump Rope for Heart

Friday, April 16

• Jump Rope for Heart

  • April 29- Art Show
  • May 7- Pro-D Day- no school
  • May 13- Speech Fest
  • May 19- Ready, Set, Learn and Welcome to Kindergarten
  • May 24- Victoria Day- no school
  • May 31- Pro-D Day- no school

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