Coming up next week: March 29-April 2-Spring Break Fitness Ideas

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Spring has sprung at Coyote Creek! We have beautiful flowers coming up all over our property. Back in the fall, our 2/3 class was busy planting Spring bulbs all over and we are now beginning to see them in bloom. It will be exciting to see what awaits us after Spring Break!

We wish you all a wonderful, restful Spring Break. Stay safe everyone!

Our installation of two garden boxes are hopefully the first of many to come. We have a number of classes who will be planting these up this Spring. We look forward to seeing what they collect from their first harvest.

Anaya in Kindergarten made this beautiful picture of Ms. Schuh and herself wearing their masks.

Reading Link Challenge: We had 36 intermediate students – the largest number allowed! – participate in the Reading Link Challenge during the week of March 1-5. Students worked in teams to read six different books which they were then quizzed on. The winners of our school competition go on to compete against the winning team from each school in Fleetwood on April 16th. If they are successful in the Fleetwood Challenge, they then move on to compete in the Grand Challenge against the winning team from every school district in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Our school winners were the Reading Coyotes team:

  • Rebecca, Div 9
  • Waaris, Div 10
  • Shivan, Div 10
  • Calvynn, Div 10
  • Najwa, Div 10
  • Rhea, Div 8

Congratulations on all your hard work and enthusiasm, and good luck in April!

Dogs at School:

We recognize that dogs are an important part of life for some of our families and, as such, are often included in day-to-day activities such as walking children to and from school. In our teaching, we promote the relationship between people and their pets and accept and encourage the idea of pets as ‘family members’. We do see pet ownership as a valuable educational experience for children.

However, we also receive feedback from parents and caregivers, indicating that many find the presence of dogs in the playground or on the school grounds stressful, even frightening, particularly for younger children. Therefore, in keeping with district policy, please leave your dogs (both big and small) at home or wait outside the school property.

Spring Break Health and Fitness:

Over Spring Break we encourage our students all around Surrey to use these resources to stay physically and mentally healthy over the two weeks.

During normal times, our recreation centres and partners would have Spring Break Camps and other resources for parents and our students. However, this year the opportunities are all virtual.

Please see below for links to many virtual fitness opportunities.

Active Home Open Physed:



Game Ready: 

Aaron Myette’s Leg Workout IGTV

Football Champ: Casey Chin

Casey’s Running Workout.

Grey Cup Champion: Malcom Williams

Malcolm’s Jumping Video

BC Lions Mitch Barnett’s Workout: 

Mitch Barnett’s Agility Workout

Sean’s Backpack Workout

Karina’s Circuit Workout

Our Blended Learning 1/2 class has been studying Surrey past, present and future. For each, they created a mural. Their last one depicting our students view of Surrey presents two different visions: one if we care for our city and the other if we do not. I have no doubt our kids will work hard to make sure that they care and create the first option.

Important Update Student Health Check:

Please see the important updated Student Health check form. It is important this is completed every day with your child before they attend school.

The Ministry of Health has developed a new tool to help. We encourage all families to download the app or use the online daily health check. If you are unsure as to whether or not to send your child to school, it will do the work for you. The link can be accessed here:  K-12 Health Check. For Elementary schools in Surrey, please use the K-5 link (even if your child is in grade 6 or 7 as this is for middle schools).

March 31st. is Career Day. Dress up as who you would like to be when you grow up. An artist? A doctor? A Gardener? A Computer Engineer? The choices are endless.

Have a great Spring Break everyone!!!

Monday, March 29

• First Day back after Spring Break

Tuesday, March 30

• No events today

Wednesday, March 31

• Career Day

Thursday, April 1

• No events today

Friday, April 2

• Good Friday- no school

Coming Soon:

  • April 5- Easter Monday- no school
  • April 8- Ready,Set,Learn
  • April 12-16- Jump Rope for Heart
  • April 29- Art Show
  • May 7- Pro-D Day- no school
  • May 13- Speech Fest
  • May 19- Welcome to Kindergarten
  • May 24- Victoria Day- no school
  • May 31- Pro-D Day- no school

Latest photos from around our hallways:

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