Coming up next week: Feb.1-5

If your child is ill, please keep them home- Mandatory Daily Health Check:

It is essential that parents and guardians are completing the attached health check every day before sending their child to school. Students need to stay home if displaying any of the symptoms outlined in the daily health check document. Please help us to keep our entire community healthy and safe.

Translations of this checklist are available at

Early Dismissal- Wednesday, Feb. 3

This Wednesday is an early dismissal designed for teachers to connect with parents to review student goals and reflections of their learning. Please look for messaging on what this will look from your child’s teacher. Some teachers may connect by making phone calls, setting up virtual meetings, or through paper correspondence. As always, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher at any time of the school year if you have questions about your child’s learning.

Monday, Feb.1

• No events today.

Tuesday, Feb.2

• No events today

Wednesday, Feb.3

• Early Dismissal 1:30 pm

Thursday, Feb.4

• No events today

Friday, Feb.5

• No events today

Coming Soon:

Valentine’s Day- Feb.14th.

We know that Valentine’s Day plays a part in our students’ learning as they practice communication, fine motor and writing skills in sharing their care for others. Being mindful of our Health and Safety practices, and our care to student growth, we will be able to have students bring PAPER Valentines only for their friends this year. We ask that you NOT send treats, or “gifts” for others including some of the items that may typically accompany Valentines for kids. We know this looks different than years past, but believe we can find a balance between student wellness and health and safety. Thank you for helping us maintain our ongoing commitment to our students and staffs’ health and safety.

A peek inside the doors of Coyote:

Some Valentine fun this week. Students in all grades have the opportunity to participate in a Valentine’s Day estimation contest. Happy counting!

Students in Grade 7 worked with our teacher-librarian, Ms. MacDonald to create Egyptian cartouches using our 3D printer.

Students in our blended learning grade 1/2 class created a giant mural of Surrey 1000 years ago. They are going to be creating two more murals to share. The first will be of Surrey today and the second will be of Surrey 1000 years in the future. I cannot wait to see what their creative minds come up with for that one!

Students in grade 7 have been learning about ancient civilizations and were tasked with creating an authentic representation of a pharaoh’s tomb.

Some of the wonderful art that lines our hallways.

Decade day was a lot of fun! Enjoy some of the great flashbacks to the past!

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