Coming up next week: Jan. 11-15

Happy New Year! Many of our students have spent the past week settling into their new classes. It is wonderful to see so many more of our students back at school.

We are all feeling optimistic around the news of a vaccine coming our way but recognize we have a few more months to get through. To continue to sustain a safe and healthy environment at school, we are sharing a few important reminders to our community.

COVID-19 Safety Guideline Reminders for Parents

Daily Health Check: It is critical that parents and guardians are completing their daily health check with their child before they come to school. Please see it here.

Translations of this checklist are available at

If your child is not feeling well, please keep them at home.


Currently, our Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Education do not recommend masks for elementary school students. In a recent interview Dr. Henry stated that it is challenging for young children to wear a mask all day particularly when they are sitting at a desk or table all day. Wearing a mask can also increase touching of the face and can increase the need for close adult contact when young children need help putting a mask on or off. There are requirements to wear masks in schools when in common areas and our staff has made a commitment to make mask wearing part of their daily work both in and out of the classroom. We are asking you to speak with your child about wearing a mask outside of the classroom as part of our attempt to develop a culture of mask wearing across our school.

School Supplies, lunches and band instruments:

  • Please ensure your child has necessary school supplies such as pens, pencils, scissors, glue sticks, etc. as students cannot be sharing supplies.
  • Please be sure to send a water bottle and lunch to school every day as we cannot accept dropped off items. This includes band instruments. We encourage students to only use their water bottle and the bottle filler at school. We have water fountains, but discourage their use.

Before and after School Reminders:

  • Parents and caregivers need to physically distance (2M guideline) and wear masks during pick-up and drop-off.
  • It is important that students are dropped off as close to the start of day as possible and picked up immediately after school, to reduce the number of students grouping on the school grounds. 
  • Our playground and basketball court are closed outside of school hours.
  • Students who walk home, will need to leave for home immediately after dismissal.

We greatly appreciate your support as we work together to keep our students safe.

Monday, Jan11

• No events today.

Tuesday, Jan. 12

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Wednesday, Jan. 13

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Thursday, Jan. 14

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Friday, Jan. 15

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