Coming up next week: Jan.4-8

Happy New Year Everyone! Looking forward to seeing all our students back at school. Some of our students will have brand new teachers and classrooms. We will be working on community building with our classes to make all our new students feel welcome in their classrooms.

Monday, Jan.4th:

Students will enter classes as they normally would by their outside classroom door. We will have teacher and room numbers on the outside of the doors and will have numerous staff available outside to help guide you to the right place. Just look for all of us wearing the bright orange vests.


As part of the school reorganization, if your child(ren) are with a different teacher on January 4th, their current FreshGrade portfolio will be archived and a new portfolio will be created. However, the student’s new teacher, previous teacher, student and parents/guardians will still have access to the archived portfolio and be able to view all of the learning  and growth that has occurred during term 1. 

Reminders to our families who have students in our blended program:

• One of the requirements of students being a part of the program is that parents are partners in supporting the learning. Students must be supervised by a parent while online in the mornings.

• Please be sure work submitted by the student is their own work, mistakes and all. We need to see the mistakes to support the learning. Some of our best learning comes through receiving feedback, and having the opportunity to go back and tackle a problem again, rewrite a section, try again.

Please see the attached message to families from Minister Whiteside, our new B.C. Education Minister.

Monday, Jan.4

• First day of school- regular school day 8:30-2:30

Tuesday, Jan. 5

• No events today

Wednesday, Jan. 6

• No events today

Thursday, Jan. 7

• No events today

Friday, Jan. 8

• No events today

During ADST, Ms.Paré’s students used Wikki Stix (cool waxed yarn sticks) to learn that design grows out of natural curiosity! Just look at some of their incredible creations…

Some of our intermediate students had the opportunity to make some beautiful personalized bags! Great work everyone!

Grade 6/7 book study.

Some of the beautiful Christmas and Winter Art decorating our halls. Lots of Christmas Spirit at Coyote!

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