Coming up next week: Nov. 9-13

Tayeba, Jaiya, Tahera, Amiyah and Rayna all donated their hair to make wigs for people fighting cancer. What a wonderful way to help those fighting this disease. Well done!

This week we recognize Remembrance Day. Students will each be provided a poppy at school on Nov. 10th. We encourage students bringing a donation for Veterans Canada. Cash donations will be collected in class on Nov.10th. Canada wide, donations are at a low as normal collection outside grocery stores etc. cannot occur this year due to Covid 19. We very much encourage any donation large or small.


One of our biggest fundraisers of the year begins this Thursday. Students will study facts about Canada and gather pledges from friends and families as they work to demonstrate their knowledge of all things Canadian. Quiz day is Nov. 25th.

Included in the package are directions for how parents sign up for our online lunch/fundraising site. This will be how fundraiser funds are collected all year.

We are looking for volunteers to help mark quizzes on the evening of Nov. 25th. Volunteer parents can pick up a class set of quizzes and answer keys at the front door after school on the 25th, take them home to mark and return them the next morning. If you would like to volunteer please email,

This week at a glance:

Monday, Nov.9

• No events today

Tuesday, Nov.10

• Virtual Remembrance Day Assemblies

• Poppy donations accepted at school

Wednesday, Nov.11

• Remembrance Day- no school

Thursday, Nov.12

• Canadathon packages go home today. Start to gather pledges and study.

Friday, Nov.13

• No events today

Photo Share: Here are some of our October school moments and art displays.

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