Special Addition: Coyote Creek Photo Contest Winners

A big thank you to Annika G. for coming up with the idea of an October Photo Contest that all our students could participate in. She not only came up with the idea, but created a blog site for students to enter their photos to. Thank you Annika!

Our judging committee made up of representatives from intermediate students, primary students, administration and teachers had a very difficult time choosing our winners. All the photos were a wonderful representation of October. You can see all of the photos at ccoctoberphotocontest2020.blogspot.com.

Intermediate Winners:

We had a tie in our intermediates contest. Congratulations to Malak A. for a beautiful autumn path scene and to Esther P. for a shot of one of our local roads all in colour.

Autumn Path by Malak
Colourful Road by Esther

An honourable mention to Emily W. for her leaf shot.

Red Leaves by Emily

Primary Winners:

The top two picks among our primary students were from the same photographer. Congratulations Shrihaan B. for some indoor fall themed photos.

Candy by Shrihaan
Leaf circle by Shrihaan

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