Where in the world can I park around here?



We know that parking is a challenge in our neighbourhood. The City of Surrey has recently studied our area and has created a map of the best places to find available parking. They also want to bring your attention areas that are no stopping or no parking zones. They have added no parking signs to the north side of 81 Ave because cars parking on both sides, did not allow for traffic to flow.

As a school community, we are asking our parents to follow the parking regulations for our area. They are there to keep all of our students safe. We continue to see parents doing u-turns from the drop off lane, and even in the intersection by the crosswalk. You are putting student safety at risk by doing so.

The subdivision behind the school is a great alternative for dropping off and picking up your child. Students can then walk up the path to school.

Above all, we encourage your children to walk, ride or roll to school. If you live a distance away, consider dropping your children a block from school and allow them to walk the rest of the way.

If you concerned about the parking violations in our neighbourhood putting your child’s safety at risk, please contact Surrey Bylaws at parking.enforcement@surrey.ca or 604-591-4352  They only attend based on complaints from the public. The more complaints logged, the more they will attend.

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