Coming Up Next Week: Sept. 21-25

It has been wonderful seeing so many students back at school. It looks and feels a bit different as we have a great number of safety protocols in place, however student are back participating in their learning with their teachers.

This week, our blended students begin their studies.

Just a few important reminders to all our families as we navigate this new school year:

Morning Drop off and pick up: During these times, it is very important to not drop your child off early at school. We must avoid students congregating outside. Please drop your child as close to the bell as possible.

The same applies after school. Students must not linger after school, and head home immediately. Please be on time to pick up your child. We are all in this together, and need your support in this area.

Inside our building: Just a reminder, that adults, outside of staff, are not allowed in the building. If you need assistance, please call into the school.

Health Check: Every family must complete the health check with their child for cold or flu symptoms every day before school. If your child is unwell, has any cold or flu symptoms, they cannot attend school. If sent, they will be be isolated and will need to be picked up immediately. This is one of the most important safeguards we have. Everyone, staff or student, must be healthy to attend school.

Coming up this week:


Blended Learning Students Begin Instruction


No events today


Date Change- Virtual Meet the Teacher has been rescheduled to. Wednesday, Sept.30


No events today.


First Fire Drill (weather permitting)

Coming Soon:

Sept. 30- Virtual Meet the Teacher

Oct. 6- Individual Student and Class Photos

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