Message from our Superintendent of Schools, Jordan Tinney: Options for Learning Presentation

Hello all,

If you would like more information on the new models for September, please see the following video message from Jordan Tinney, Superintendent of Schools.

It’s long…about 30 minutes but it allows you, of course, to zip ahead to the pieces that matter most for you and your family if you have children going to school.

The link is here:

If you have decided on face to face instruction, we will see your child on the 10th and 11th for one hour orientation sessions. If you are choosing the Blended Transition option, you will need to register to complete this form.

If possible, please register by this Friday, Sept. 4th (hard deadline is Sept.8 at 4:00 pm, after which students will be waitlisted).

A more detailed schedule of next week is coming soon.

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