Coming up next week- June 22-26- and looking towards September


The 2019-20 school year was most certainly not what we expected. Challenging, ever-changing, and uncertainty are adjectives we used often as we worked to re-invent a school system, not just once, but twice! However, through all of this we made some wonderful discoveries. We can support our students in their learning whether it is online or in person. We can learn an incredible number of digital tools in a very short period of time. We discovered that learning for our students can still be full of rich experiences, even if online. We learned that we can still throw one great leaving drive-thru ceremony for our grade 7’s. We discovered that we are ready for pretty much anything and are prepared to work with students in September, no matter what the model looks like.

Jordan Tinney, our Superintendent for Surrey,  shared an important video with families last week. It is important to note, that while we will hope to have students all back at school full-time, we are planning to start with the same blended model as we are in now, with one important exception: coming to school will not be optional. If your child is in grade K-5, they will attend school two days a week. If in grade 6 or 7, they will attend one day a week. All other days will be taught through remote learning. Children with special needs and the children of essential service workers will have the option to attend up to 5 days a week. Please note that this is what we are planning for. Ultimately, we will take our direction from the government and Ministry of Education.

You can see the video here:


Communication:  As we move to the new school year, please monitor our communications carefully during the last week of August and first week of September for important school start up information. I encourage you to hit the “follow” button on this site at for a, “coming up next week” email and occasional school blog posts to share what is happening within the walls of our school.



School Supply Lists: School supply lists for next year will be located on our Coyote Creek Elementary site under the Student tab.


download (1)

Kindergarten: Please look for information in late August as to what the beginning of school will look like for our new Kindergarten students.


Coming up next week: 

Last Days of School: For students in session, our last day of classes is Thursday. Just a reminder that while we would love to be able to see all our students next week, we sadly cannot have new students join our classes. We always try to make our decisions on what we can offer to do for all our students, and because the Ministry of Health regulations do not allow us to have all student at school at one time, it would be unfair to say yes to some and no to others. Our teachers will be reaching out to their students online to make goodbyes.

Summative Reports: Summative reports will be posted on FreshGrade on Thursday, June 25th. If you would like a paper copy, you can download one directly from FreshGrade.

Library Books: Thank you for all who have returned books to our bin outside the front doors. It will be in place Mon-Thurs. next week between 8:30 and 2:30. Please take a good look at home for any books.

Lastly, on behalf of all our staff, we wish you a wonderful summer break and hope that we all get to experience some normalcy; whether that means a stay-cation at home, or maybe visiting some great destinations in our beautiful province. Stay safe. Jennifer Jock






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