Coming up next week: April 27-May 1


Kindergarten Registrations

A reminder that if you have a child who will be attending Kindergarten in September, please register now (even if you have a child who already attends Coyote Creek). Please register at


Friday, May 1st- Pro-D Day

On Friday, May 1st teachers and support staff will be engaged in professional development activities.

Activity Share

Students continue to be actively engaged in their studies at Coyote Creek.

Students in our grade 5/6 class have been working on presentations of how Canadians can reduce their household plastic consumption. You can check out two of their presentations here:

For earth day, students in grade one were challenged to create something new from an item they could find in their recycling bin. Look at their creative results!

MicrosoftTeams-image (6).png

Jaiveer created this incredible work of art this past week. Kindergarten students were asked to create their own art in their backyard inspired by the work of Andrew Goldsworthy. He is a British artist artist that takes natural items and create works of art by using, colour patterns, and shapes found in nature.

Zakaria shared his thoughts on being at home.

madina poster gr. 2:3

A beautiful poster thanking our front line workers by grade 3 student, Madina.

This week Division 1 participated in a Spreading Positivity assignment. They needed to research a creative way they could spread a positive message within their community. What creative ways they came up with to give back to the community!

Some of our grade 2 students researched their favourite animal. They used Epic books and YouTube videos to learn about their animal and then created a poster.


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