Coming up next week: April 20-24

Unknown-4Dear families,

We hope you are all in good health and spirits during this complex time. Our teachers have connected with their students and learning continues.

We know that each family is managing this time as best they can and that this may look different for each family. Our goal is to not add to any family’s stress, but to allow for students to continue learning as best they can. The staff recognize that you are doing the best you can to support your child’s learning with the additional stresses that may be in your home. If you get a call from someone at the school asking how your child is doing, it is not to make sure tasks are completed, it is to provide you with support and to find out what supports are most helpful for you and for them. If you child is having difficulty completing all the work assigned, please contact your classroom teacher to look for some adaptations. Be gentle with yourselves.

Authenticity of work:

We are so incredibly thankful of the continued partnership between teachers and parents in supporting continued learning opportunities for our students. Students are engaged in activities and assignments and are sharing their learning with their teacher and each other. As teachers continue to assess student work, it is also important that the work is their own. While we encourage students to ask their family for guidance and ask questions about their work, please allow them then to complete and submit work on their own (without further editing). Our students continued growth as learners are dependent on allowing them to make some mistakes and learn from them.

Digital Citizenship:

With the move to using various online platforms, we need to remind all students and parents about being good DIGITAL CITIZENS. Whether your child is using email, MS Teams, or other platforms, the expectation of communicating in a respectful manner still exists. We expect all our students to continue to interact and communicate as they would if they were in the classroom at school. Parents, please monitor and supervise when and how your child is working online and being appropriate. For privacy reasons, it is best to ensure you child is in a common room in the house when working online.


Welcome Baby Sloan!

We want to welcome baby Sloan to our community. Mrs. Mara, the smiling face who greets you in the office, welcomed Sloan Alexandra Mara to her family. Mom, baby and family are doing well!

Student and Classroom Shares: 

I would like to end our weekly sharing some of the wonderful things happening in virtual classrooms and homes. Enjoy!

Some of our grade 2 students had an assignment to create posters for essential service workers and displayed them in their windows. Here are some examples of their great work!

In one of our grade 6 classes students answered the question, “Why is it important to reach out to each other with a positive comment?” Here are some of their responses:

  • It is good to say nice thing to people because that would make them happy and grateful.
  • To help support each other in this difficult time in which so much is changing.
  • It is important because the students are all your classmates and they helped you in class, and teachers in your class help you learn things you don’t understand and answer the questions you don’t know.
  • I think that it’s important to reach out a positive and supportive message because this Coronavirus has brought some people to some rough times. It is very important to support and hold people up high and stand tall with others, and it is also important to recognize that it is important to spend some quality time with your family while you have the chance in this pandemic.
  • Its important to reach out and give a positive comment because it makes the person feel more confident and good about themselves. Their day might just become better because of your wonderful message.
  • It will make someones day if there happy or even sad. Someone might be having a bad day but you changed that.

And above all else, be like Arjan!


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