Welcome Back!


Welcome back Coyote Creek community!

We hope all our families and students had a wonderful, restful summer and are looking forward to being back at school. Much has taken place since June. Construction has not only started, but is well underway, on our 4-classroom addition. We have raised enough funds for our playground and plans are being made for it to be replaced very soon.

Below, you will find information outlining what the first day and first weeks of school look like for students. See also the map which identifies the classroom your child will attend on Tuesday from 10-11 a.m. Students will both start and be dismissed from that same room all week, until permanent classes are in place.


We will be a construction zone for the entire school year. While there has been a great effort to ensure that all student areas are both safe and secure, we will have far more traffic with construction vehicles entering our site, so we are asking for your help with the following:

  1. Please respect that our parking lot is only accessible to staff. We encourage students to walk to school whenever possible. If you are dropping off students, we encourage parking a block away and then having your children walk to school from there. Students can also be dropped off at the pathway entrance which is accessed from the subdivision behind our grass field.
  2. Please remind your children that we, “walk our wheels” when on school property e.g. bicycles, scooters.
  3. If you are parking across the street for drop off and pick up, please keep our neighbor’s driveways clear and use the crosswalk (no jaywalking) as we are trying to teach our students to obey traffic and pedestrian laws.
  4. Supervision begins at 8:15 a.m. No students should be on site prior to this time unless they have the permission of a teacher. After school, we have supervision for students until 2:45. At that time, students are expected to be on their way home as we pass the care of your children back to you. Construction vehicles will be using the early hours both before and after school to access our site, bring in equipment and remove debris, so it is important that students are not on site.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!

Tuesday, Sept.3 – Coyote Creek First Day Procedures

Grade 1-7 students in attendance from 10:00-11:00am.

Students to report to the following classrooms:

  • All students will attend the classroom of their grade group identified on the map (the child’s grade of the 2019-20 school year).
  • New students who have already registered (Grades 1 through 7), please go to your grade group classroom.
  • New students, not yet registered, please go to the office.
  • Kindergarten Parent Information Session in the Library.

Wednesday, Sept.4- until permanent classes are created

Wednesday is a regular school day. Please see new bell schedule below. Students will need to bring:

  • the few supplies teachers requested on Tuesday
  • snack and lunch

Students will return to the same classroom they were at on Tuesday and will both start and be dismissed from this room each day. Students will rotate to different teachers each day until permanent classes have been established.

New Kindergarten students have their own gradual entry schedules and will be dropped off and picked up from the library each day until they begin their regular schedule on Monday, Sept.16th.

New bell schedule

  • Classes start 8:35 (welcome bell 8:30)
  • Recess 10:15-10:30
  • Outside Lunch 11:42-12:10
  • Inside Lunch 12:10-12:30
  • School ends 2:30

Coyote Creek Grade Map 2019



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