March and April

IMG_3665Inspiring students to write can be a challenge. However, story boxes help. Each box has a theme. Students spend their time building their own story with the items on display.  Once their story is complete, younger students will share their story with their teacher and peers verbally. Older students will spend time putting their story in writing. This is becoming very popular with our students. More often than not, students are asking for more time to keep writing.

DSC_1066DSC_1060 2

Aché Brazil, a dance and music group, performed for us in March. Students learned about many traditional instruments used throughout Brazil.

Students in grade 3 had visitors from the Surrey Museum who brought aboriginal learning to the classroom.

Students in grade 7 learned about different ancient cultures through the creation of board games.

Grade 6 students made hummus in class. It was delicious!


The Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association hosted a conference in April. The conference was aimed to help build stronger communities within and around business areas. The grade ones and twos in our school wrote letters to give to the delegates at the conference so that we could explain to them just how wonderful Surrey is! The letters were very well received.

The interior of Coyote is being painted. Our students have enjoyed seeing the change and have even helped a little.

Students in grade 7 made Egyptian cartouches. They are on display in our lobby display case.

Mrs. Ingles delivered “room service” packages to all our staff. We are incredibly appreciative of the support, and guidance our staff bring to their students and their dedication to this wonderful profession.

Greek salad was on the menu in these classes. Students learned some basic chopping and cooking skills. While we handed out more than a few band-aids, the resulting salad was worth the effort!

“Dumbledore’s army” competed at both the local and district level in the annual Reading Link Challenge. Congratulations to the team as they advanced to a very high level during the competition!

Providing time to create and build is important to a child’s development. In this grade one class, students were completely engaged in their projects.


Every year, we invite 3 and 4 year olds and their caregivers in to the school for Ready, Set, Learn. This is an opportunity for children to learn about the school, connect with community supports and resources and take away some practice activities to help prepare for Kindergarten.


Over the past few months, students in the library have been monitoring the nest activity of one of the local Surrey eagle’s nests. Now hatched, we have been enjoying observing the new babies.


Students in grade 6 have been working on a challenge. They had to create a space ship that could be launched from the playground structure, and land it without their “alien” falling out. This was also an exercise in time management and budgeting as they had to spend their supply budget wisely.


Mrs. Edwards, our Child Care Worker, added some inspiration to our walls.

Below is a small taste of the beautiful artwork that lines our halls.


  2 comments for “March and April

  1. Alicia
    May 13, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    Thank you! I love seeing everything all the kids and teachers have been working on.
    I have see the wall with good thoughts etc. We read them everyday when we walk by now! Thank you mrs Edwards

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maha Reddy
    May 14, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Thanks very much for the Picture updates!!. Very nice to see how creative kids can be, if we support them.


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