Coming up next week: May 6-10

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Book Swap:

We will undertake a complete inventory of the library in June, and students will not be allowed to sign out books during the entire month of June. Instead, we will be having a book swap! Do your kids have books they no longer read? Please bring them in to the Coyote Creek Elementary Library any time between now and the end of May, and your student/s will get to choose new books to keep from our donated selection! It’s always a favourite time of year for the library students, and helps make sure we practice re-using wherever we can. Thank you! –Mme. Sproule

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Track and Field:

Students interested in participating in track and field took home a permission letter this week that included the practice schedule.

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Class Placements- Procedures and Information:

At the end of May, and again in September, the school organizes classes for the coming school year.  Placing students in classes is a complex task that is taken very seriously by staff.  Teachers meet in grade groups with support teachers and organize students into classes for the coming school year.  For example, all the grade one teachers meet together and group students for grade two.  The criteria for placement of student in classes are:

  • Academic ability of the student.

Each class is made up of students with varying abilities.

  • Gender.

As much as possible, classes are formed with balanced numbers of boys and girls.

  • Social/behavioural needs.

The social and behavioural needs of students are considered when creating classes to ensure a balance of needs within each classroom.

  • Learning style.

All children are unique. Not only do they develop at different rates, they also learn in different ways.

  • Class size limits.

The creation of classes must comply with the provisions of the School Act regarding the number of students in each class.

  • Information from parents (does not include requests for a specific teacher).

This is an opportunity for parents to share information about their child(ren)’s academic and social/emotional needs.  Information provided will not guarantee a specific placement, but will be considered with all other placement criteria. Please submit this information in writing to Ms. Jock by email at by no later than Friday, May 24th for consideration.

Requests for specific teachers are not appropriate and will not be considered.

The creation of combined classes involves creating teachable groups that, as best as possible, meet the individual needs of each child, balanced with the needs of all children in the school.  In every classroom, straight or combined, there is a wide range of abilities, talents and performance levels.  Teachers are aware of these individual differences and structure learning activities according to the needs of each learner.  The research on combined classes shows that there are no adverse affects of students being in combined class: in fact there are strong advocates of combined classes amongst educators.

Your support of the final decision made regarding class placements is appreciated.

This week:

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Monday, Wed and Friday:   Running Club

Running Club is held after school (Friday will be the last day)

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Thursday: P.AC  Meeting: 7:00 pm

On the agenda will be FUN night plans, playground updates, and information about our school expansion. Both Ms. Jock and Mrs. Ingles will be in attendance. We would love to see a great turn out of parents.

If you would like more information, please email the PAC at

Coming Soon: 

  • May 15 Gr. 7 Gauss Exam
  • May 16 Gr.7’s visit Fleetwood in am/Gr.7 Honours exam at Fleetwood 3:30
  • May 17 Spirit Day- Beach wear
  • May 20 Victoria Day- no school
  • May 22 Speech Fest
  • May 27 Pro-D Day
  • May 28 Welcome to Kindergarten 12:45-2:00
  • May 29 Art Show in gym

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