January and February


Beautiful winter skies we have had until recently these past few months. January and February are usually quieter months, when students are well settled into classes, they know the routines, and academics are a focus. Please enjoy some of our winter moments.


Our students take their music very seriously, even taking time during their breaks to practice!


I love when students visit my office to share their successes, things they are proud of, and their latest creations. Thank you for the visit Liam!

IMG_3417 2


These students in grade 5 combined learning about the digestive system with robotics. Students had to program the Sphero ball to travel the digestive track. You can see the path the Doritos takes above.

Some of our students are involved in cooking. The group in the top two photos learned how to make homemade macaroni and cheese that also incorporates vegetables throughout. The group in the bottom two photos made pizza and then enjoyed it together.

Students in grade 1 observed the changes of matter in real time. From solid, to liquid to gas, the ice snowmen transformed over the day.

Students in library have been learning how to create Origami. Here is some of their beautiful work!



IMG_4446Our basketball teams have had a great season. At the Play Day, on Feb 27th, the boys had a great day and placed 2nd in a very close final game. On Feb.28th. the girls had their Play Day. They played well and in another nail biter of a game, came away with 1st place! Congratulations to our teams and thank you to our wonderful coaches!


Students in grade 3/4 were busy with a STEM challenge to build the tallest tower using newspaper.

Our grade 2 students were involved in a box challenge. This challenge was inspired by the book, Not a Box by Antionette Portis. In the book a young rabbit uses his imagination to turn a simple box into a space ship, a catapult, and many more amazing things. Our students demonstrated their own creativity in many ways.  It was wonderful to see such a great turn out by our parent community.

Snow brought not just school closures, but creativity in snow creations. Our students while reminded that they cannot throw snowballs, were challenged to make snowmen!  Here are just a few!


A few of our older students were asked to create a display in our entry way. I think they are just as hopeful for Spring as we are!

Students in many classes both learned and celebrated Lunar New Year, the year of the pig.

Many of our primary students were very busy on Valentine’s Day doing craft and activity rotations among many classrooms. What beautiful works of art they created!


Students in grade 2 have been busy all year working through different numeracy challenges. I was speaking with the teacher as it has been remarkable to see the progress these students have made over the year. Their understanding of how numbers are put together, how parts make a whole, and how numbers can be created in different ways has grown exponentially.

Competition was stiff during the Coyote Reading Link Challenge. The Reading Link Challenge is a province-wide program for students in grades 4 and 5 that promotes the “sport of reading.” The program is run as a series of quiz/trivia challenges with winning teams advancing to higher levels of competition.

On Friday, Feb 15 we had 6 teams compete from Coyote Creek. The successful team, “Dumbedore’s army” will be moving on to the North Surrey schools’ challenge at Fleetwood Library on April 4th at 8:45 am. Good luck to our competitors!

Students in grade 1 shared a wonderful multicultural meal together. We were invited as well to enjoy treats from all over the world.

Students in grade 3 have been building different landforms. Students made islands, waterfalls, and volcanos to name just a few.


Students in grade 2 had the opportunity to explore the chemical reaction that occurs between lemon juice and baking soda. It was “explosive” fun!


Our grade 7 students performed with other local elementary schools at Fleetwood’s Grade 8 Open House evening.


Pink shirts were everywhere at Coyote as we recognized the importance of acceptance and being kind to all. Gurshaan in Div. 5 wrote the above piece on being kind to others. Thank you for sharing Gurshaan!

As always, I like to end our post with some of the beautiful artwork that lines our halls.

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