December was an eventful month at Coyote Creek. We hosted a performance by Fleetwood Secondary dance students, our grade 7 students participated in Entrepreneur Fair and their first band concert, and we enjoyed our Christmas concert presentation of, The Animals’ Christmas Tree.


Each year, Coyote has a “Deck the Halls” afternoon. During this time, students create and decorate their classrooms and hallways for the Christmas season.

To wrap up volleyball season, students were challenged by teachers to a game. Great fun was had by all! I do think the teacher pulled off the win!

We are very fortunate to be visited each year by the Fleetwood Secondary Dance Crew for a performance. We recognized many of our past students among the group. They also brought along their school choir. Many opportunities await our students when they transition up to the high school.

Students in grade 1 were busy working though different math stations and capturing their learning for their digital portfolios.


Our grade 7 students participated in a Young Entrepreneur’s Fair. Students have to develop a product and business plan, conduct market research, complete marketing and branding exercises, and launch their products for sale at a final showcase. I was able to do some of my Christmas shopping at the Fair. You can see my purchases in the first picture.

Students in grade 6 created gingerbread houses in class. They look delicious!

While students in one grade 6 class built structures from gingerbread, another was busy building structures using marshmallows and spaghetti. They were challenged with building the tallest structure.


Months of practice resulted in a wonderful school Christmas play! Students in grade K-6 all took part in the production of The Animals’ Christmas Tree. Thank you to Mrs. Kerslake for all her work and dedication to this project!


A beautiful winter day to enjoy the sun outside.

On the last day of school, our grade 7 band students performed for us. Thank you to Ms. Norman. We have close to 100 students taking band at Coyote and she had them all perform together. Our band students are now looking forward to a performance at Fleetwood Secondary in February where they will be playing with other local schools.

Lastly, a glimpse at some of the beautiful work our students create that line our hallway and classroom walls.

Coming Soon:

Jan. 17     Early Dismissal day 1:22

Jan.18     Spirit Day- work out wear day

Jan.21      Kindergarten Dental Screening

Jan.25       Spirit Day- twin and opposite day


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