November at Coyote was spent honouring our Canadian soldiers, and learning about Aboriginal traditions, history and culture.

Students and staff came together for an assembly honouring all Canadians who fought for the freedom we enjoy today. Our choir presented songs and all students created work to decorate the walls of the gym and school.

We had the opportunity to work with our district Aboriginal learning team during our First Peoples in Residence weeks. Every class worked with the team learning about everything from traditional uses of plants and animals to the arts and Aboriginal government. Some even had an opportunity to dance!

At the end of our two weeks of learning, we came together for a a wonderful performance by the Wild Moccasin Dancers. The students really enjoyed the performance and it was interesting to note that the male dancer is a Surrey student in grade 10.  The dancers even included both students and staff in the performance!

IMG_3159 2

Our Child Care Worker, Ms. Edwards, reminds us this month about filling peoples buckets. Based on the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud, people are encouraged to display positive behaviour and express kindness, appreciation and love by “filling buckets.”

IMG_3173 2

Our big buddies spent time helping their little buddies paint life size images of themselves. They filled the entire 200 wing floor!


Students in grade one learned ‘How Much Personal Space Our Bodies Take Up.’  They first stood up and Ms. Paré drew a chalk line around them as they were close together as a group. They noticed that when they stand up, their feet only take up a small amount of space.

Then students sat down with their legs crossed and they noticed their bodies needed a larger amount of personal space to feel comfortable. The circle was a lot larger this time.

Ms. Paré then called one student at a time to come lay down on the carpet. This time, their bodies took up a much, much larger amount of space on the carpet. Students all agreed that if they tried to all squish onto the carpet while laying down, their comfort bubbles would break!

The Scholastic Book Fair came to Coyote this month raising money to support our library program.

Students in grade one/two spend a great deal of time, creating stories using themed objects on their table. Once they have “built” their story, they share it aloud with peers and the teacher. These stories can also provide inspiration for their writing.

In last month’s post, I shared the puppet making process of some of our grade 5 students. They were tasked with making a puppet of a character from one of their favourite picture books. Here are their wonderful results!


A very exciting way to end November. Both our girl’s and boy’s volleyball teams came home with the first place ribbon from their playdays!  Congratulations to all!!!

As always, I like to end our monthly post with some of the art that beautifies the walls, halls and classrooms of our school. Enjoy!


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