October was an event-filled month at Coyote! We celebrated Thanksgiving, Diwali and Halloween.


Thanksgiving is celebrated in many ways in classrooms throughout Coyote.  Turkeys were made by many of our primary classes, students in the library created notes of thankfulness and time was spent with buddy classes.

Most of the intermediate classes at Coyote have a younger buddy class. They meet regularly to read, and create arts and crafts together. This month, many of our buddy classes made turkey puppets.


We didn’t get a chance to share this in September, but wanted to share the group shot of our amazing cross country team. They had an excellent season!


One of the wonderful things about being a teacher is how much our students like to share with us. This is Mrs. Robertson wearing the beautiful necklaces one of her students made for her.

Technology in schools is very important to student learning and is both fun and educational. This is an Osmo. It is an interactive game that allows digital and physical play at the same time. Here students are working on their spelling. The small camera on top of the screen recognizes the letters that students are manipulating on the cookie sheet.

There is nothing more fun on a sunny fall day than watching a group of our younger students on the playground. These little ones, were all busy gathering leaves into a big pile, all in order to jump in them. What fun!

Students in our library spend time each day on mindfulness. On this day, students were focusing on just one thing, up close, using jewellers’ loupes and microscopes. When I asked Nikhil, one of the students, what the activity was about, he said, ” Our activity is about mindfulness. Everything is really small so you have to pay attention and focus. It takes patience.”

Students throughout Coyote participated in a mock election at the same time as we adults were considering our own votes for local candidates. Students learned about the voting process, local candidates and held a very realistic vote.

Students in grade 5 were busy creating paper maché puppets in the form of their favourite picture book character. Stay tuned for the finished results in next month’s blog post.


Our school depends very much on our grade 7 leaders to support their school. Here our students are preparing division bins to deliver fresh fruit to classes. Every grade 7 student at Coyote provides service to their school in a volunteer role. This includes everything from making announcements, working with tech, making deliveries and picking up student attendance folders, among many other jobs.


One of the highlights of our school year is the Diwali assembly. We come together in the gym to celebrate with dancing, dressing our best, and with the very popular student and staff fashion show.


On Halloween, the halls of Coyote were filled with characters from movies and animé, witches, ghouls and goblins. Students paraded the halls during our annual Halloween parade which culminated in the gym with us all dancing to two Halloween songs!

After all the fun in the gym, treats were shared, pumpkins were carved, and some students even toasted pumpkin seeds!

Students in grade 2 work in math stations. Today’s challenge was doubles plus one.


Div. 4 and 5 practiced communication and teamwork to solve a Halloween breakout, “Dentists against Halloween.” While their strategies were very different, both classes solved a number of clues and puzzles to break open the lockbox (6 locks) and save Halloween!

At the end of each blog post, I like to share some of the beautiful art work that lines our hallways and the walls of our classrooms.

Looking Forward to November:

In November, we will be holding our Remembrance Day assembly and all students will be participating in First Peoples in Residence Week.

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