What a first month it has been. Classes created, beginning of year class start up including: social activities to get to know classmates, all about me activities, what I did over the summer writes etc. Students also participated in the Terry Fox Run in support of Cancer research and Orange Shirt Day to recognize the survivors of the residential schools in B.C. Now it is on to October, with paper turkeys to make and Diwali to celebrate!

Below are some of the images I was able to capture as I spent time in classes, getting to know our students and staff.


During the first week of school, students spend time in their grade group rotating between all of their potential classes. This time is spent closely observing student interactions with their teachers and with their peers. This information is one part of the many elements we consider prior to placing a student in a class. Each child is considered both as an individual and how they will fit into the collective group being formed.


Final discussions for student placements are made by the entire team of teachers, learning support, counsellor, and administration. It is a complex, thoughtful process to be sure every child is placed in the best learning environment possible.

Students in grade one spend time during the first few weeks getting to know their new classmates, and working on introductory numeracy and writing activities. All is valuable information teachers use to both get to know their students and to assess their academic abilities.

Students in grade two spent time in September exploring paint to create their own custom colours. No simple blue and red here, students created colours like, ” pool monster green,” “cotton candy pink,” “fire storm orange,” and ” mustard and rocks” yellow.

Students in grade 5 participated in a team building activity. The challenge was to build a column meeting a criteria that could hold the weight of numerous textbooks. I believe the record on this day was 4 textbooks!

Students in this grade two class start their day through the exploration of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) challenges.


Our Munsch pit is a popular place to work, gather and play.


As are our hallway floors.


Our new “kinders” hard at work on letter A.


The use of technology in classrooms in purposeful and allows learning to be supported in a variety of ways. These grade 7 students are using Khan Academy to work through some multiplication problems. If you are unfamiliar with Khan Academy it is worth checking out at It provides online videos to provide step-by-step tutorials in math and other subjects. Personally, this tool has been a huge help in being able to support my own children in not just math but secondary chemistry and physics too.


One of the first French classes.

Students learning to stay on tempo through a game of, “hide and seek.”

“Every Child Matters” captures our support for Orange Shirt Day. On this day we wear orange shirts to acknowledges the survivors of the residential schools in B.C.

Students in grade 2 learned the importance of supporting one another in their classroom community. The class read Button Soup, an old folk story in which hungry strangers convince the people of a town to each share a small amount of their food in order to make a meal that everyone enjoys. The message of sharing and contributing to community good was evident as students all brought in a vegetable to make their own button soup. Mrs. Ingles and I were invited in, and helped to serve up their delicious soup.


Our first fire drill was a great success and yes, we purposely chose a beautiful sunny day for our first practice.

The Art Gallery:

I always like to end each month’s post by sharing some of the beautiful artwork that line the walls of our halls and classrooms. Enjoy!

Coming soon:

  • Oct. 4    Individual School Photos
  • Oct. 8    Thanksgiving Day
  • Oct.19   Non-Instructional Day
  • Oct.22   FSA’s begin for grade 4 and 7
  • Oct.26   Diwali celebrations
  • Oct.31   Halloween parade

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