Welcome Back Newsletter


Welcome back students and families of the Coyote Creek community. We are looking forward to the 2018/19 year.

For the first week of school, or so, students will be working in their grade groups. This provides an opportunity for students to work with different teachers and peers. These interactions will help teachers determine class placements and go over class routines. Teachers are thoughtful and deliberate in determining the most suitable placement for your child based on the following criteria:

  • student intellectual, social and emotional development
  • learning styles and strengths of students
  • degree of independence
  • social compatibility
  • gender balance
  • maintaining appropriate teacher-student ratios

I am very excited to be joining you as Principal. I have a keen interest in digital technology (FreshGrade, Success Blogs) and specifically in finding ways to involve both parents and students in learning. As part of this, I have started a success blog to share some of the happenings at Coyote Creek. My hope is to give you a glimpse into what happens inside the walls of the school.

I believe strongly in “parents as partners” in their child’s education. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns, as we work together to create the best learning environment for your child and our school community.  The best way to reach me is through email at jock_j@surreyschools.ca.

I wish all students and families a successful 2018/19 school year and look forward to working with all of you.

Sincerely, Jennifer Jock- Principal

Staff 2018/19

* Grade levels have not yet been determined as they are based on student enrolment.

Primary Teachers:

  • Mrs. S. Hall
  • Ms. S. Wason
  • Ms. D. Yokota
  • Ms. M. Black
  • Ms. A. Wilander
  • Ms. A. Breda/Ms. J. Jonsson
  • Ms. S. Yamaguchi
  • Ms. T. Johnson
  • Ms. D. Robertson
  • Ms. T. Pare
  • Mrs. M. Prasad
  • Ms. M. Mann
  • Ms. T. Geyer
  • Ms. J. Schuh
  • Ms. K. Watts

Intermediate Teachers:

  • Ms. S. Hyams
  • Mr. J. Stevens
  • Ms. N. Paccagnan
  • Mr. M. Pratt
  • Ms. L. Ingles/Ms. C. Jaheny
  • Ms. L. Mayer
  • Ms. A. Boieeie
  • Ms. H. Ludu
  • Ms. M. Wong
  • Ms. M. Tracey
  • Mr. P. Taylor
  • Ms. M. Lamothe
  • Ms. R. Kang

Non-Enrolling Teachers:

  • Ms. A. Douglas – LST
  • Mrs. M. Lige – LST
  • Mrs. R. Bhangu – LST
  • Ms. C. Cheema – LST
  • Ms. B. Dosanjh  – LST
  • Ms. V. Venema- LST
  • Ms. R. Norman – Band
  • Ms. W. Kerslake– Music
  • Mr. S. Holland – Counselor
  • Ms. K. Sproule – Library
  • Ms. E. Campbell- Library
  • TBA- Psychologist
  • TBA- Speech and Language
  • TBA – IST
  • Ms. S. Wahlla– IST
  • Ms. C. Jaheny – French

Support Staff:

  • Ms. H. Takacs – Head Secretary
  • Ms. T. Burgess – Secretary
  • Ms. H. Bird – Secretary
  • Ms. W. Edwards– CCW
  • Ms. S. Shorson- Aboriginal
  • Ms. C. Zietsman – Student Support
  • Ms. G. Nelson – Student Support
  • Ms. H. Johal – Student Support
  • Ms. M. Itakura – Student Support
  • Ms. E Yaxley. – Student Support
  • Ms. L. Thompson – Student Support
  • Ms. T. Torres– Student Support
  • Mr. M. Kelly– Student Support
  • Ms. C. Charron– Student Support
  • Ms. S. Mathew– Student Support
  • Ms. A. De Los Reyes – Student Support
  • Mrs. S. Baziuk – Student Support
  • Ms. E. Huynh – Student Support


  • Ms. L. Ingles

2018/19 Bell Schedule

  • 8:25      Welcome Bell
  • 8:30      Classes in Session
  • 10:00    Recess Bell
  • 10:15    Classes in Session
  • 11:37    Lunch Bell- students out to play
  • 12:07    Students Inside to Eat Lunch
  • 12:22    Classes in Session
  • 2:22      End of day*

*We provide supervision for 15 min. after the end of day bell. At that time, we hand the supervision of your children back over to you and students should be on their way home. A bell at 2:37 will indicate when supervision has ended.

“I’m Late”

It is key that students arrive at school on time. At Coyote Creek, we have upwards of 40 students late on some days.  Students who arrive late, miss out on important before school peer interactions and key start of day instructions and activities.


School Communication

Weekly Bulletin and Success Blog: CoyoteCreekLearns.com

Coyote Creek will be sending out a weekly important dates reminder and a monthly school blog post.  This is where we share student successes, and upcoming events.  Not always do parents get the opportunity to see what happens beyond the school doors, however, through our blog, you will get to do just that!  Be sure to “follow” the blog at  http://www.coyotecreeklearns.com/

CoyoteCreekLearns.com can be translated. Just hit translate on the right hand side of the page and choose your preferred language.

CoyoteCreekLearns.com will be the schools’ primary means of communication.

Email/Electronic Newsletters: 

We encourage all families to sign up to our school email list on our school website.  In case of emergency, this is the fastest way for us to get out an important message to our entire school community.  To sign up please visit our home page at https://www.surreyschools.ca/schools/coyotecreek/

This will be the only hardcopy newsletter sent home.  All further communications will be sent electronically.


The Coyote Creek PAC consists of a small, but hard-working group of parents. We encourage all parents to come out to the meetings and lend a hand with hot lunch, and various P.A.C. activities. A school truly takes a village to run successfully and parent participation is a huge part of that success as a school community. If you are interested in helping out, our P.A.C. contact email is coyotecreekpac36@gmail.com.

Also, please subscribe, once your child has a permanent classroom division number, through the Coyote PAC hot lunch website in order to be able to submit hot lunch orders at https://coyotecreekpac.hotlunches.net/. Look for information about the first hot lunch coming to you soon in a newsletter.

School Supply Lists

School supply lists are posted on our website. Students will only need limited supplies for the first week of school. Teachers will inform students of what they need to bring. Supplies are not needed on the first day.

School Planners

We are happy to be sending a planner home with your child (most classes). The planner contains important information for parents and students. Please send $5.00 for each planner with your child once classes have been finalized.

School Visitors

All visitors to the school must report and sign in at the office to receive a visitor’s badge in order to ensure student safety.


Occasionally, your child may have forgotten their lunch at home. If this is the case, please label with your child’s name and division and leave on the small table just inside the office door. We encourage all students to bring their lunch from home. If you do choose to drop off a lunch, please note that they are not supervised by office staff and we are not responsible if they are lost or stolen.

Phone Calls to Students During School Hours

Please make all arrangements for students before school. Our office staff does not put calls through to students while classes are in session except in case of emergency. All pick up arrangements should be made before school and a “Plan B’ may be helpful to students if their arranged ride/pick up person is not on time.


We recognize that dogs are an important part of life for some of our families and, as such, are often included in day-to-day activities such as walking children to and from school. In our teaching, we promote the relationship between people and their pets and accept and encourage the idea of pets as ‘family members’. We do see pet ownership as a valuable educational experience for children.

However, we also receive feedback from parents and caregivers, indicating that many find the presence of dogs in the playground stressful, even frightening, particularly for younger children.  Therefore, in keeping with district policy, please leave your dogs (both big and small) at home or outside the school property.

Parking and Student Drop Off/Pick Up

The safety of our students is of utmost importance. Drop off and Pick up, while challenging can be helped if we all follow the guidelines below.


  • Do NOT drop off your child using the staff parking lot. We have a “kiss and go” drop off lane at the front of the school. There are a few visitor parking spots along this lane.
  • No U-turns in or by our crosswalk areas.

We need cooperation from all our parents to make drop off and pick up more efficient and to ensure that all of our children are safe. Above all, we encourage all children to walk, scooter, or ride their bikes to school.

Meet the Teacher Night

Mark your calendars! Meet the Teacher is from 6-7 pm on September 19th! We look forward to meeting all of you!

Important Dates: 

Sept.10- Cross Country Starts

Sept.19- Meet the Teacher 6-7pm

Sept.24- Non-Instructional Day

Sept.27- Terry Fox Run


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  1. Ruth
    September 10, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    Welcome to Coyote Creek School
    Principal: Jennifer Jock 😊


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