Coming up next week- June 22-26- and looking towards September


The 2019-20 school year was most certainly not what we expected. Challenging, ever-changing, and uncertainty are adjectives we used often as we worked to re-invent a school system, not just once, but twice! However, through all of this we made some wonderful discoveries. We can support our students in their learning whether it is online or in person. We can learn an incredible number of digital tools in a very short period of time. We discovered that learning for our students can still be full of rich experiences, even if online. We learned that we can still throw one great leaving drive-thru ceremony for our grade 7’s. We discovered that we are ready for pretty much anything and are prepared to work with students in September, no matter what the model looks like.

Jordan Tinney, our Superintendent for Surrey,  shared an important video with families last week. It is important to note, that while we will hope to have students all back at school full-time, we are planning to start with the same blended model as we are in now, with one important exception: coming to school will not be optional. If your child is in grade K-5, they will attend school two days a week. If in grade 6 or 7, they will attend one day a week. All other days will be taught through remote learning. Children with special needs and the children of essential service workers will have the option to attend up to 5 days a week. Please note that this is what we are planning for. Ultimately, we will take our direction from the government and Ministry of Education.

You can see the video here:


Communication:  As we move to the new school year, please monitor our communications carefully during the last week of August and first week of September for important school start up information. I encourage you to hit the “follow” button on this site at for a, “coming up next week” email and occasional school blog posts to share what is happening within the walls of our school.



School Supply Lists: School supply lists for next year will be located on our Coyote Creek Elementary site under the Student tab.


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Kindergarten: Please look for information in late August as to what the beginning of school will look like for our new Kindergarten students.


Coming up next week: 

Last Days of School: For students in session, our last day of classes is Thursday. Just a reminder that while we would love to be able to see all our students next week, we sadly cannot have new students join our classes. We always try to make our decisions on what we can offer to do for all our students, and because the Ministry of Health regulations do not allow us to have all student at school at one time, it would be unfair to say yes to some and no to others. Our teachers will be reaching out to their students online to make goodbyes.

Summative Reports: Summative reports will be posted on FreshGrade on Thursday, June 25th. If you would like a paper copy, you can download one directly from FreshGrade.

Library Books: Thank you for all who have returned books to our bin outside the front doors. It will be in place Mon-Thurs. next week between 8:30 and 2:30. Please take a good look at home for any books.

Lastly, on behalf of all our staff, we wish you a wonderful summer break and hope that we all get to experience some normalcy; whether that means a stay-cation at home, or maybe visiting some great destinations in our beautiful province. Stay safe. Jennifer Jock






Welcome to Kindergarten!

If you are joining us in Kindergarten next year, this post is for you!  Normally, we host a Welcome to Kindergarten event where parents, caregivers and future Kindergarten students join us for some activities and we provide information on school life. It is also an opportunity to meet our teachers and many of our staff.

While we cannot host an in-person event this year, we have developed a presentation that will provide you some information about Kindergarten. We will send out further information in late August around what the first few weeks of school will look like.

Please click below for our Welcome to Kindergarten presentation!


Coming up this week: June 8 – 12

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 5.05.26 PM

Face-to Face Instruction:

This week, we saw some students return to school for face to face instruction. It was wonderful to see students in our building and on the playgrounds! As we move forward into week 2, we ask that families look for communication from their classroom teacher as some schedules may change. We had some groupings with only one student in them and so we are combining in a few places so they can have at least one other peer to connect with at school. For all other students, remote learning will continue.


Important Health Check information for families with children attending school:

It is extremely important that students are healthy when arriving at school. It is required that parents complete a health check of their child daily before sending them to school. If your child has any of the following flu or Covid-19 like symptoms,

  • fever
  • chills
  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • sore throat and painful swallowing
  • stuffy or runny nose
  • loss of sense of smell
  • headache
  • muscle aches
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite

they must stay home from school for 10 days unless cleared by your doctor or by calling 811.

If a student arrives with, or develops symptoms at school, they will be isolated and parents will be contacted for pickup.


Welcome to Kindergarten:

While we have been unable to host our annual Welcome to Kindergarten event, we are busy working on a virtual experience to share with our families. Stay tuned as it is coming soon!


Ready, Set, Learn:

Under normal circumstances, we host a Ready, Set, Learn event for children aged 3 and 4 and their caregivers, who will be attending Coyote Creek in the coming years. It is an opportunity for us to share some, “Get ready for school” activities and connect families with community services such as our local public library. If you know of any children aged 3 and 4 in our community, please share the following link full of activities and community connections with their families. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 5.14.39 PM

Grade 7 Leaving Ceremony:

While we cannot host a big event in the gym, we are working to create a special good-bye for our grade 7 students. We will be hosting a drive-thru procession on the evening of Wednesday, June 17th for our grade 7 students and will share our Leaving Ceremony Video with all students on the evening of June 18th.

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 5.24.29 PM

Supply Pick-ups:

We will continue to schedule supply pickups, weather permitting on Wednesdays when we have staff available to run our drive-thru pick-ups. Teachers will send out schedule information for these pickups. As we work to practice social distancing, it is important to attend during your pick up window. Thank you for your understanding.

Important information for the families of returning students- Coming up next week: June 1-5


Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 5.15.51 PM

Hello Parents, Students, & Families,

We hope that you and your family are doing well. We would like to extend our appreciation for the support and understanding that members of our school community have shown as we transitioned to remote learning following Spring Break. Your efforts have helped to ensure that student learning has continued over the last two months.

As we prepare for Monday and welcoming back some of our students, we have been guided by our shared commitment to ensuring the safety of all members of our community. We will be reminding our students of the importance of following the guidelines around frequent hand washing, physical distancing and staying home if they are feeling sick.

We write this letter to inform parents and families of the new routines they can expect for school. They include the following:

• Parents and caregivers will have the responsibility to assess their children daily before sending them to school. If your child is experiencing symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory disease please keep your child home. Your child must stay home until there has been as assessment by a health care provider AND the symptoms have resolved.

• Parents or caregivers must pick up their child, as soon they are notified their child is ill.

• Students will enter the school through their outside classroom doors only and school will start at our usual time 8:35 a.m.(First bell is at 8:30). Please ensure students practice social distancing as they prepare to enter the school. Should you need to pick up your child early, or need to contact the school, please call the office at (604)597-0858.

• Students and staff will be asked to wash their hands upon entering the building. Students will also be asked to wash their hands frequently.

• We have put in place plans to help with physical distancing and minimizing physical contact. Physical distancing can be challenging in a school setting, particularly with younger students. As such, it is reasonable to establish different expectations for varying age levels and activities.  For example, younger students should be supported to have minimized physical contact with one another, while older students and adults should seek to maintain a safe physical distance of at least 2 metres from others whenever possible.

• Students will bring the school supplies that they will need to school daily in a backpack (unless you have heard differently from the teacher). They will not be storing items in desks.

• Essential service worker’s children may be dropped off as early as 8:05 a.m at the FRONT DOOR. Staff will greet them there. Care for ESW’s children is also available for 30 minutes after school.

• Parents and caregivers must remain outside the school building for pick-up and drop- off.

• Our crosswalk is not staffed at this time.

• Please ensure that you are practising physical distancing from other families while on- site.

• The outside doors of the school will be locked.

• No lunch drop off will be permitted. Students are expected to arrive with all that they need to start and finish the day. Please also send children with a filled water bottle.

• More time will be spent outdoors. Please dress for the weather each day.

Below is the schedule for the week of June 1:

K-5/6 Classes Group A: Mondays and Thursdays

K-5/6 Classes Group B: Tuesdays and Fridays

Grade 6 Class  Group A: Monday

Grade 6 Class Group B: Tuesday

Grade 6/7 and Grade 7 Classes Group A: Thursday

Grade 6/7 and Grade 7 Classes Group B: Friday

On Wednesdays, there will be no direct instruction.  Support workers will provide supervision for any Essential Service Worker’s students in the building. This will also be a day for custodial staff to perform a deep clean of the school.

Teachers will have already shared with you which group your child is in (A or B) on Friday (this information is also posted on our website in our newsletters). Unfortunately, due to our need to balance groups and accommodate siblings, we will not be able to accommodate group change requests.

If you have changed your mind about your child(ren) attending face to face instruction, please call the school or email as soon as possible at

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to reach out to me, either by phone or email at  We look forward to welcoming some of you back on Monday. Online learning will continue for all students not attending school.

Sincerely, Jennifer Jock















We are very much looking forward to welcoming students back into the building.  We are in this together and appreciate your patience as we all get used to the changes in practice.

Coming up next week: May 25-29


Monday, May 25

Professional Development Day for teachers- no online instruction

Tuesday, May 26

• Online Instruction

• Important survey to parents regarding face-to-face instruction- required response

Wednesday, May 27

Online Instruction

Thursday, May 28

Online learning schedule may not be as normally scheduled.

As our schools work to adjust and prepare for the June 1st start up, we will be doing health and safety orientations today. You can anticipate that teachers’ focus is on preparing for their own health and safety and that of their students so you will not have the same level of contact for virtual learning today. We appreciate your understanding in this as we need time to make our transition in a safe way for all and there are many new routines for staff so that we can by fully ready for June 1st.

Friday, May 29

Online learning schedule may not be as normally scheduled.

As our schools work to adjust and prepare for the June 1st start up, we will be doing health and safety orientations today. You can anticipate that teachers’ focus is on preparing for their own health and safety and that of their students so you will not have the same level of contact for virtual learning today. We appreciate your understanding in this as we need time to make our transition in a safe way for all and there are many new routines for staff so that we can by fully ready for June 1st.


Important message from our Superintendent, Jordan Tinney

May 22, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you know, restrictions have been lifted and we are preparing to move to the next phase of our education plans during the pandemic. Beginning June 1st, you will have the opportunity and choice to send your child to school for face to face instruction to better support the online/remote learning that is currently in place. This message is to provide you with a couple of key details and I will be putting out a video message next week.

First and most importantly, the decision to send your child to school is entirely voluntary. Children who remain on the pure virtual program will not be penalized in any way. This opportunity is the choice of parents and you also do not have to come in week 1 and may decide to come at a later date. We are creating the opportunity to attend and this is your choice.

Next, schools will look and feel different. There will be fewer children, smaller class sizes, and the organizations of classrooms may look slightly different. All of these changes are intended to support increased physical distancing and reducing contact. The BC Centre for Disease Control guidelines for schools state:

Physical distancing (i.e., maintaining a distance of 2 meters between two or more people) is challenging in a K-12 school setting, particularly with younger students. As such, it is reasonable to establish different expectations for varying age levels and activities. For example, younger students should be supported to have minimized physical contact with one another, while older students and adults should seek to maintain a safe physical distance whenever possible.

For instruction, if you have a child in kindergarten through grade 5, you can anticipate your child being in school the equivalent of two days per week. If you have a child in grades 6 or 7 you can anticipate the equivalent of 1 day per week. Our elementary schedules, with small variations between sites, largely will follow a very similar format that is structured the same way every week.

For students in secondary schools, the timetable will again be structured similar to the regular school day, but there will be more flexibility in the times that may be available for attending face to face. There may be staggered schedules, and we are attempting to limit movement and contact. Your child will have the equivalent of one full day of instruction on any given week and you should anticipate that it may not be the traditional block rotations that have been in place in the past.

We are currently in the process of obtaining approval for both our elementary and secondary timetables and structures. Once those plans have been approved by the Ministry, schools will communicate their specific timetables directly to their students and families. We anticipate that those timetables will be communicated out by your school on May 26th. As our schools work to adjust and prepare for the

Surrey Schools – Superintendent’s Department 14033 92nd Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3V 0B7 Tel: (604) 595-6308 Fax: (604) 595-6309

June 1st start up, we will be doing health and safety orientations across the district on May 28th and 29th. During these days, you can anticipate that teachers’ focus is on preparing for their own health and safety and that of their students so you will not have the same level of contact for virtual learning on those days. We appreciate your understanding in this as we need the time to make our transition in a safe way for all and there are many new routines for staff so that we can be fully ready.

We also need some information from you to help us in your planning. Please look for a survey from your school to inform us if you do not intend to send your child(ren) to school. We need this information to help us plan for bus routes and for our safe arrival programs where we call home if a child does not attend.

There are also new protocols about bussing and the Ministry is asking parents to consider private transportation as one option because we are now only permitted to have one child per seat on a bus. This reduction in service may also directly impact courtesy riders on buses and so we are trying to plan ahead and to inform parents of this new information. Please watch for a survey from your school and please respond to help us in our preparations.

Finally, to all parents who have been designated Essential Services Workers, and this now includes all teachers, administrators and support staff, your child has the option to attend school for 5 days per week. This is another key change in the guidelines that we wanted to make sure we brought to your attention. Thank you to all Essential Workers for all you have done to keep our province safe and to help battle COVID-19.

In closing, you can expect more information next week on specific schedules and we again ask that you look for the coming survey. This next step of more face to face instruction is a key part of our provincial preparations for September. Hopefully, if we continue to see a reduction in COVID-19, we can soon return to life in a new normal with students in schools full time. We also need to consider that this next step is a way to prepare us for the year ahead where we may continue to see a blend of online and face to face learning for large blocks of time if required by the province and if the pandemic continues.

We have all worked together to deal with the pandemic that has impacted us all. This next phase is important and as we transition, no doubt there will be new challenges for us, but we know we will adjust and move forward. Thank you so much for your patience and support as we move toward June 1st.


Jordan Tinney
Superintendent of Schools/CEO

Coming up next week: May 18-22


June 1st- School Open for Part Time Instruction

Last week, Premier Hogan announced that on June 1st schools will be open and your children will have the opportunity to receive additional support for their education by once again being at school on a part time basis. It is important to note that it is a parents choice to send their child(ren) to school. If you choose to keep your child(ren) at home, we will continue to support their education remotely using the distance model your children are currently using.  There is no penalty and no pressure.

The district is working on plans for re-opening and establishing health and safety protocols for our students and staff and we will share details with you by Friday, May 22 so you have time to consider your decision.


Class Organization 2020-21

This is the time of year teachers and staff start to look at class placements for next year. Parents are often able to provide the school with important information that can assist with the placement of students. Parents can advise the school of personal, educational or social information. However, requests for a specific teacher are not appropriate and will not be considered. If you have important information for us to consider during the class placement process, please send an email to Ms. Jock at .


Monday, May 18- Victoria Day

A reminder that tomorrow is Victoria Day and therefore there will be no online instruction. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!



Coming up next week: May 11-15


When will we return to school?

This past week, Premier Hogan announced that schools will soon be opening for some students. We do not yet have all the details as the District is awaiting further direction from the Ministry of Education and Health. We do not have a specific opening date, but will share with you as soon as we have that information. Rest assured that our District is working on plans for opening. No decision has been made as to what the return to school will look like other than that classes will be smaller and it is likely students will be in attendance for fewer days a week. Students whose families choose not to send them to school will have the opportunity to continue their learning online. In the meantime, please continue to encourage your children to maintain their engagement in their online  learning.

Crazy Hair Day:

Over this past week, students have come to their class meetings, or shared pictures of their most crazy hair!



Unknown copy 3

Students in this grade 1 class created chef hats this week as part of Healthy Living. Students sent their teacher pictures of themselves wearing their hats while helping to cook or bake.

Liam Fraction Work

Fraction work in grade 3.